Your Guide to Fun Activities Around Crowley, TX While Waiting for your AC Installation

Life in Crowley, TX doesn’t have to be tedious while you wait for a team from George Wayne Mechanical to come over for your scheduled air conditioning installation or heating service. In the heart of Tarrant County, there exist an array of fun activities to keep you busy.

Explore the Bicentennial Park

Start your morning by taking a long walk or jog at the Bicentennial Park. Spanning 51.38 acres, the park offers walking trails, a playground for the kids, and fishing spots for a relaxing morning or afternoon. Lose yourself in the beauties of nature while you wait for your service to be completed.

Dine at the Local Eateries

Food lovers can embark on a culinary journey right here in Crowley. From authentic Tex-Mex at El Primo’s to gourmet pizzas at Marco’s Pizza, there’s something for every palate and preference.

Venture a little further and you’ll find yourself at Main St. Cafe, knocking back one of their famous Bloody Marys or indulging in a hearty breakfast. No matter what you’re in the mood for, don’t forget to check out these local taste sensations.

Shop at Ham’s Orchard

Perhaps you want indulging in an authentic Texas shopping experience? Head out to Ham’s Orchard, a family-run establishment that’s been operating for over 40 years. Get your hands on fresh peaches, homemade ice cream or baked goods. Pick up something fresh for dinner or a sweet treat for dessert while your air conditioning is being installed back home.

In conclusion, in case you’re looking for an exciting and fulfilling way to spend your time during the AC installation or heating service at your home, Crowley, TX offers much to keep you captivated. There’s always something fun to do in and around Crowley, Texas. We’ll take care of your comfort at home, while you enjoy the comfort of our town.