Frosty the Snowman Calls for Furnace Replacement in Groton, MA

Have you ever thought about how Frosty the Snowman might feel during those chillier months of heating season? Well, let’s just say he’s not getting his vacation to a tropical island. Instead, Frosty finds himself stuck at the Wilson Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning headquarters in Groton, MA.

When Frosty Became A Customer

One day, after a particularly icy blast, Frosty popped into our office. He was practically puddling! Frosty asked for a Furnace Replacement – he was tired of this perpetual winter. Of course, we would never encourage melting a customer, but we understood where he was coming from. So, we got down to business with our furnace replacement service.

Pepperell, MA to the Rescue!

Not all heroes wear capes, some provide Heating Service. Pepperell, MA and the townsfolk came together for Frosty. Wilson Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning got his temperature just right. Now, Frosty is a super cozy, semi-melted version of his former self. Remember, whether you’re a snowman or simply a shivering homeowner, we’ve got your back (and your front, and your sides…well, you get the point).