Beat the Heat with Side-Splitting AC Maintenance Tales

Ready for some hearty laughs and chilly tales in Peoria, Arizona and Deer Valley, Arizona? Clear Air Conditioning & Heating brings you tales filled with giggles and comfort.

Adventures in AC Maintenance

Ever heard of an air conditioner-fighting lizard? Welcome to the bizarre side of AC maintenance in Peoria, AZ. Our team once got a distress call from a resident whose air conditions unit was invaded by a tiny lizard seeking warmth. This tiny interrupter was not only the cause of chuckles but also reaffirmed the importance of regular AC maintenance.

Clear Air Conditioning & Heating has also had unique AC service requests in Sun City, Arizona and Glendale, Arizona. Our favourite includes a gentleman who demanded an ice-cold living room because he wanted to regularly wear his fur-coat indoors.

Unusual Air Conditioning Repair

In Arrowhead Ranch, AZ, we once were tasked with the air conditioning repair of a unit installed inside a tree-house. The owner loved his wooden castle so much, he had a fully-functioning AC system inside!

Being true superheroes of the hot Sun City days, we also provide AC Replacement in the ever radiant and warm, Desert Ridge, AZ. Because, let’s be honest, who wants to sweat in their own house?