Welcome to the Heart of HVAC Services in New Jersey

Stepping into the scenic surroundings of our prominent New Jersey cities – River Edge, Tenafly, Teaneck, Leonia, Englewood, and Haworth – not only allows you to experience a diverse blend of culture and vibrant community life, but also the reliable warmth and comfort provided by the undisputed expert in HVAC services, Katham Industries.

The area is known for its historic charm, stunning landscapes, and welcoming people, but dealing with the often unpredictable weather can be a challenge. Whether it’s the sweltering heat of summer or the chilling winter wind, Katham Industries has been trusted by residents for all their heating installation, AC installation, heating service, HVAC installation, and furnace repair needs.

Tracing its roots back to our founding in River Edge, Katham Industries has embedded itself in the community fabric throughout Teaneck, stretching up to Tenafly, down into Leonia, crossing over to Englewood and wrapping around Haworth. Our team is renowned for carrying out an array of HVAC services, from heating service repairs to complete HVAC installations, leaving a comforting, steady warmth or a welcome, cool relief in homes across these cities.

Whether it’s prepping for the hot summer days with an effective AC installation in Tenafly or ensuring your heating system works optimally for the frosty winter nights in Leonia, Katham Industries is just a call away. When you entrust your HVAC installation and furnace repair to us, you receive unparalleled service and expertise, a hallmark in every town and city we serve.

Experience the difference. Indulge in the comfort of well-serviced climate control systems with Katham Industries. We promise reliability, professionalism, and top-tier quality in your heating installation, AC installation, furnace repair, or heating service. Embrace the beauty of our cities and let Katham Industries take care of your indoor comfort.