The History of Kings Heating & Air Conditioning in Edmonds, WA

Nestled between the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound, the small city of Edmonds, WA has been home to Kings Heating & Air Conditioning for over 30 years. Since their founding, Kings has been renowned for their quality HVAC repair and AC repair services, helping to keep homes and businesses in the area comfortable year-round.

The business was founded in 1989 by a father and son team, Mike and Chris King. With the advancement of technology and the energy crisis of the seventies, the Kings recognized that there was an increasing need for heating and cooling solutions in the area. Knowing that the demand for HVAC services would soon exceed the available resources, they decided to take matters into their own hands and create a business dedicated to helping others.

Mike and Chris started out small, operating out of their home garage. Through years of hard work and dedication, they were eventually able to expand their operation and open up a larger shop in the nearby city of Lynnwood. This allowed them to take on larger projects and increase their customer base.

As the business grew, the Kings began to focus on quality service and customer satisfaction. They strive to ensure that their clients receive the best possible experience, from timely and efficient service to reasonable prices. This dedication to excellence has earned them a reputation as one of the leading HVAC and AC repair services in the area.

Kings Heating & Air Conditioning has been a vital part of the Edmonds community for decades. They are proud to contribute to the health and comfort of the people in their area. If you’re looking for reliable and affordable HVAC and AC repair services in Edmonds, WA, you can trust Kings Heating & Air Conditioning to get the job done. Visit their website for more information.